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"Common Terror" Zine Booklet

"Common Terror" Zine Booklet

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Original poetry and prose by Jeff Haber. 

87 pages.

7" x 4.5" size. 


Subject matter: Personal trauma poetry narratives and a short story about a young man in NYC trying to expand his worldview through a relationship and travel with a European. Read about the following: 

  • How the devil slithers around and laughs at you
  • Why oysters may not be the best meal to eat if you know you have an hour-long drive afterwards
  • How walking over the Triboro Bridge can be transformative
  • Why your creativity is important to you, but maybe no one else
  • Getting a text from your mom about your dead dad
  • What disturbing images may arise in snippets of police radio chatter
  • The sadness of losing your cat
  • Unfair or accurate assumptions about the middle class 
  • The kind of lingering paranoia that happens after a home invasion 
  • Rotting flesh and its interpretation
  • What ideas a suit-wearing writer guy from Long Island had when he traveled to Berlin that time

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